Contact us directly to find out the information you need as soon as possible.

Yellow Bus is an info point that provides quick and timely information support to people in Ukraine.

You can physically find us at Isaccea customs border, where our colleague, Sabina, can answer your questions. If you are in Romania or crossing the border through another customs point, you can write to us directly on the Telegram group @yellowbusinfo.

The information you need in one place. 

In the "How to" section, we have collected the most frequent questions related to transit and stay in Romania. Here, you will find up-to-date information about temporary protection, how to find a place to live, work or activities for children. You will also find information about political asylum, how to move to Romania or how to enter in Romania with your pet, and much more

The "Services" section provides information about the services you can benefit from while in Romania and how you can access them. Citizens coming from Ukraine to Romania can have access to free legal, psychological, social assistance, accommodation, transport, translations, services, even if they have not applied for temporary protection.

The blog is our connection with the Ukrainians who came to Romania and one of the gates to a united community. Here you can meet people going through similar situations and read stories about their everyday life. You can also find out about activities carried out by the Yellow Bus that you can participate in.