For us community is not just a local group of people but our common actions and intentions, regardless of hysical boundaries. Community is the bond that makes the difference in any person's integration, and by integration we mean the contribution and meaning we each seek and need to feel fulfilled.

Unity through community

We often look to people, examples and inspiration to find our motivation, but we forget that motivation also comes from action. We encourage you to act, to be with the Ukrainian community, because when the intention is good, the result will be commensurate.
See below our involvement in the Romanian community.

Activities with children

Yellow Bus is actively involved in the community by supporting children and adults from the Refugee Camp in Rădăuți. Here we carry out activities with the children, teach Romanian language courses and play sports competitions. The children have been very receptive and have come up with initiatives on their own. The staff has been encouraging them with great affection.

International partnerships

Collaboration between NGOs at the international level represents another bridge for help and integration for Ukrainians. Together we can communicate and intervene more quickly where needed, to ensure safety and protection. It is important to remember that by providing support we also increase the degree of engagement of those we help. 

Involvement of Ukrainians from home

The involvement of those remaining in Ukraine is very useful when it comes to disseminating information about services that can be accessed in Romania and encouraging families to leave dangerous places to protect their children or the elderly.

Ukrainian diaspora

Speaking of the Ukrainian community, we also acknoledge the groups formed in Romania, that get involved on a local level, guiding their peers, organizing schools with teaching in Ukrainian or sending aid to those who are in Ukraine.