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Ukrainian Independence Day in Rădăuți

We celebrated the Independence Day of Ukraine as it should be in the Rădăuți Refugee Camp. 🙂

In peace, with the happy Ukrainian children, who proudly write their anthem and recite it in Romanian language class.🇺🇦

Coming on August 24th to the Ukrainian children in the camp, I met them happy and ready for the celebration. They were celebrating Independence Day among themselves and were eager to tell us about their culture, traditions and homesickness. We proposed to them to see how the anthem of Ukraine sounds in Romanian, to write and read it, but their great enthusiasm was to read and write the Ukrainian version, however, we convinced them.

After a productive lesson, in which everyone worked, came the reward – ice cream. 🙂

Project financed by Care – a global confederation care that has been fighting for over 75 years against poverty and social injustice and is coordinated and implemented at the national level by the SERA Romania Foundation (a non-governmental, non-profit, private organization that has been active for 26 years in the field of protection of the child and the promotion of children’s rights in Romania) with the support of Care France and FONPC (Federation of Non-Governmental Organizations for Children)